Wednesday 15 June 2011


Yesterday I hang the paintings for an exhibiton in a homecare called St. Jozef house.
The paintings are from members of the artgroup I join in the winter season.

The exhibition started June 15 and will last till October 15, 2011

At least the people in the homecare had really possitive feedback and enjoyed the paintings.
Ofcourse there are a lot of people visiting their mum or dad who have to stay in there because they can't live on their own anymore. Which means a lot of views biggrin.gif

3 of my acrylic paintings hang there. Totally there are 26 paintings hanging.

brushwithwater/001_crossfingers.gif for some sales.


  1. Good luck with the show Joanna. Always a plus to have wonderful feedback. :)

  2. all the best joanna ...the exhibition must enrich their space

  3. Thank you so much Ann and Jane :-)