Thursday, 24 December 2009

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

During my husbands stay in the hospital (4 weeks) I painted a little, and this was so nice to do.

The example was a bunch of flowers. Painted from life.
The posts below were from half November. I was home for 2 days from London when something terrible happened. My husband broke his arm, without an accident, just like that.
In the hospital they started searching for the cause of that broken arm. After a week we knew he had cancer, Kahler disease. There is no cure for it, but with chemo therapy he might live for another few years. It's terrible to see a loved one suffer from so much pain and feeling tired and sick all day.
We can only hope for good results, so we will have some years together, and for our son to have a father for another few years.
It's not in our hands anymore...........................................

I was surprised to find an award in my email.

Creative Blogger, Thank you Stephie.

I was inspired to paint snowdrops after watching a dvd of Ann Blockly.

Some daisies, also witout drawing.

These are some others I did when I stayed with Stephie in London.
We picked up some leaves and used them as example to paint from live.
Done without drawing.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

This is one of the paintings I did during my stay. The spooky cat, or Rosie.

It has been a while since I posted, because lots has happened.

I start to tell you about my wonderful stay in London with my friend Stephie. From 8 November till 14 November.

We painted almost all week together, except for one day. That day we went to the exhibition in Tate Britain, called "Turner and the Masters".

A unique exhibition, which showed paintings of Turner with next to it a painting of the original of another master. It was a great experience to see who influenced Turner during his life.
The photo was taken by Stephie.