Thursday, 18 November 2010


This are the paintings I made at the workshop.
Lilies on a smaller format, daisies and at last roses from a photo
of Stephie (Thank you). I finished the roses at home.


In October I stayed with my friend Stephie, and together we went to a workshop of Trevor Waugh.
Flowers in watercolour.
It was really fantastic. An eye-opener for me. Especially for the backgrounds.
It was very intensive, also because I had to concentrate on the English as well as the painting.
BecauseTrevor teaches small groups, everyone gets the attention they need from the teacher. Including getting to know each student, help, feedback and evaluation.
He showed many demo's from the beginning of a painting till the finishing touches. Just awesome.
He showed many demo's like daisies, roses in different colours.
This is one of his demo's of lilies.