Thursday, 24 December 2009


  1. Merry Christmas, Joanna, to all of you, praying for your husband's speedy recovery.

  2. I think of you both every day. You are a wonderful caring lady Joanna, and I know you are being strong for the whole family at the monet, and that's not easy. I can't offer anything other than support & friendship, but you know i'm here anytime for you...

    Bless you all....

  3. joanna thisis beautiful.. been thinking of you and hans.. wish i was closer to help in some way.. instead sending hugs and wishes for some calm days, just to enjoy!!
    hugs, cindi

  4. Thank you Murugesan for your kind comments.
    Stephie, your support and friendship means much to me and I'm glad you are there for me.
    Just like you Cindi.
    We bless the days Hans, Tom and I have together.